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Water Line Leaks

We are pleased to offer a selection of options for water line leak repairs.


If you have copper water piping in your home, you will more than likely end up having pinholes develop in them. This is normally caused by the aggresive nature of our water causing the pipes to become thin from the inside out, eventually causing a small hole to develop. At Tom Shell Plumbing we are highly trained to locate these leaks and repair them with minimal damage to your home.



In Florida the majority of our water supply piping is located under the concrete foundation. When these pipes leak we are skilled in the location and repair of leaks in the slab.



Sometimes when leaks are located under expensive tile, cabinets, wood flooring or the home owner just doesn't want damage done to their home. At Tom Shell Plumbing we are experts at re-piping water lines through your attic where very little damage if any is done in the process. Whether it is a single line or a whole home that needs to be re-piped Tom Shell Plumbing will give you the best options available for your specific needs. We use non-corrosive Uponor Pex piping for repipes.